Top Twitter Feeds to Follow For Design Inspiration

Twitter is a great method for people to follow what is going on in any person’s life. Essentially, these are quick messages to anyone who is following them about anything that is happening in real time. Sometimes, they can be insightful and provide information to help the follower. What are some good feeds to follow for the graphic designer?

1. @AndrewKelsall – Andrew Kelsall is a graphic designer who comments on practices of graphic design. While many of his posts resemble advertisements for products, he does add in great locations for designers to visit.

2. @mayhemstudios – Calvin Lee is an avid twitter poster who usually posts about areas of great interest for the graphic designer. With more than 78,000 followers, many take advantage of the insights and locations in Calvin tweets.

3. @boagworld – Being a website designer and podcast owner, Paul Boag reflects on designs and the lifestyle of an artist. Whether it is website design or SEO content, Paul tweets about it all.

4. @ChadEngle – A product designer, Chad Engle tweets comments regarding a manner of design-related subjects. Chad tweets quite a bit about advanced design mechanisms and producing stunning creations.

5. @designshard – Tweets about various design schemes come frequently from Max Stanworth. He prides himself of being a Website, CSS, XHTML, and WordPress designer and tweets examples and informative content for all website designers to read.

6. @DesiznTech – For a great feed about locations for graphic design textures and images, Desizn Tech is a good poster to follow. The tweets are plentiful, covering everything from cartoon characters in Photoshop to finding the perfect textures for your art projects. Loaded with informative sites and DIY locations, Desizn Tech can keep you busy with content.

7. @othella – Amélie Husson is a freelance project manager for a variety of web-based formats and speaks three different languages. Her tweets are loaded with useful websites for those aspiring to learn more about web-based designs and programming.

8. @LogoMotives – As a designer and author, Jeff Fisher offers insights into his design company and information and locations for those interested in becoming more than they are. More than 8,000 followers find his information useful and enjoy his tweets.

Twitter is as rampant a social media service as Facebook and YouTube. Millions of people have twitter accounts and share information on a regular basis. While many Twitter users verge on over-sharing, a quick search in your area of interest will no doubt unearth countless experts. Twitter’s limitless stream of content can serve as an invaluable resource.

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