Top 5 Business Benefits of Marketing through Twitter

Last time I discussed how to market through Facebook, and this time micro-blogging sensation Twitter is the hot internet marketing topic to be discussed. Twitter is a high speed way to leverage your business to market to a larger audience as Twitter now has over 190 million users. While there are many, many ways you can use Twitter to benefit your business, below I have provided the most essential business benefits of marketing through Twitter. Use these as  guidelines to better position your business or as a refresher on best practices.


For events, new products, or anything else your business would like to promote, posting a Tweet about it can help get people interested. For example, Tweet daily promotions, upcoming sales, or a new product’s launch.

Real time feedback

If you are launching a new product, website, or anything that’s new, you can use Twitter for real time feedback of these items and can make necessary changes before it actually launches. Free feedback and valuable customer thoughts are invaluable!

Promote your blog

If your company has a company blog or various blogs, you can use Twitter to promote blog content. Set up a feed that directly ties in your blog posts to Twitter.

SEO boost

If you have content on your website that needs an additional traffic boost, you can use Twitter to do so. Tweet the content’s URL and it can command additional traffic and conversation to and about your site. You can also increase traffic to your own Twitter account if people know it is a go-to spot for your business’s information.

Press releases and news

For major announcements and news, use Twitter to promote press releases and to communicate company news. People look to the Internet for news more than any other source, so this is a great way to help communicate news quickly and to a large audience.

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