Agileana Summer Internship Hackathon – Day 3 by Claire Scoggins

Today marked the beginning of the heavy lifting! We started the day by breaking off into three (yes three!) groups. Originally the plan was to have one sprinting team and one traction team. Now we have a traction team (business and marketing focused), a tool team (SEOQ focused) and a new product team – which I am a member of. I was kind of sad to see Sydney, Joyce and Pranav move to other teams since I had been excited to work directly with them, but I do now get to work with Jenny who I wasn’t originally going to be on the same team with.

After making sure all of our machines were up to date with the necessary software we started with discussing the major steps towards creating a MVP (minimum viable product). We then split those steps into groups based on priority. Thankfully Andres had already set up a stub of a project using Django so that eased the process a little. So instead of working on starting that bare-bones step we worked on understand what work had already been completed by Django and Andres. We started reading about the documentation on the libraries used and began on a basic Django tutorial. By the time it was the end of the day we had been grinding so hard on completing the tutorial that we didn’t even noticed.

I’m definitely excited to get some tangible work done!


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