Facebook Timeline Gives Branding Power to Companies

Facebook Timeline Gives Branding Power to Companies

While companies & organizations can wait until March 30th to implement the new Timeline for Facebook Pages; there are many that have embraced the opportunity to utilize the new branding aspects of the this layout.  I have put together a collection of companies that have notable branding on Facebook Pages.  I am excited to see how companies will take advantage of the Cover Photo as well as the featured links/applications that now can be represented by a small photos.

The First Companies to Brand with Timeline for Facebook Pages

Here’s a list of the Brands that aren’t afraid to click the publish button and get started utilizing the Timeline feature.  While most companies are waiting.. these brands show no fear in seeing what the Cover Photo feature can do for their marketing initiatives. These are the best examples of the how Facebook Timeline gives branding power to companies. Enjoy!

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The 12 Best Branding Examples on Facebook


Modern Family

Virgin America



Kate Spade

Mountain Dew

The Voice


Louis Vuitton


The Olympic Games

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