CS Summer Internship Hackathon June 27, 2016

Hi my name is Sydney Miller and to tell you the truth, I was nervous coming in to Inqbation because I am not really a coder/ developer/ whatever you would like to call it, and I have never been to a hackathon in my life. I soon came to realize I had nothing to fear once I met Blake and the rest of Agileana. Yes, they were inspirational with their ideas and drive, but they were also just super nice.

I was expecting a scary boss who looked down on the interns, but I was told “its a first name basis” around here after asking “Mr. Newman” for the wifi password. When we started introductions, Luis made sure to add Jenny in by video conference so she could participate and meet us as well. I also thought it was neat that Blake’s family stopped by. (Mrs. Newman did a great job with the Welcome sign on the white board. -bubble letters take skill). I also appreciated how people kept checking in on me to make sure I was doing alright in terms of jet lag since I had flown in from Barcelona the day before. Overall, today was just a really positive experience for me and I’m looking forward to many more.

Have a great evening!


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