Agile Web Development Summer Internship June 28, 2016

Hi everyone! Today at the Agileana Summer Hackathon, we spent a long time discussing the actual product we were going to build. I’m pretty sure there were other things on the agenda for the day, but our conversation was going in a good direction so we just let it continue for almost the entire day! We started out discussing 7D Hub and the concept behind the “jacked up Word press with out of the box features”, however it was still too vague to do as a project by itself.

After talking about a few personal ideas such as Chris’s EKG comparator and Pranav’s time killing productivity app, we decided to take the 7D Hub idea and reverse engineer it. Once we came to the conclusion that we needed a more specific idea for the community based project, we discussed everything from American Ninja Warrior and dog walking, to drones and Burning Man. Since most of the ideas involved some sort of analysis tool with features built around it for the website, we decided it would be best to start with the SEO Quotient and add the framework for 7D Hub. I am pretty excited about our idea and beginning actual work. Tomorrow we are going to start writing user stories and separating into teams.

Have a good day!

p.s. I made a fruit salad at lunch today

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