Sydney Miller Agileana Update Day 13

Hi guys!

Today I got a lot of work done at the Summer Internship Hackathon. Yuwanda Black, one of the SEO Pros I emailed, sent me an edited version of her SEO tips blog post, so I made her an account on the SEOQ blog, updated everything for her, and fixed a couple of broken links. She agreed to let me guest blog on her website as well so I worked on some content for that on the Low Hanging Fruit of SEO. I hope to get it finished and sent by tomorrow.

We also talked about recycling old SEOQ blog posts from 2008 and reposting for more links, so I took some notes as a staring point for that. In our morning meeting with Blake, we also discussed the email message wording for when people sign up and make a profile of login from a new device, etc. We decided to move that to the bottom of our agenda for now since the SaaS team is not up to speed yet.

Lastly, I spent a few minutes in photoshop designing a banner for the “New Release” to put up on the SEOQ website. We added the new fish logo to make the branding recognizable. I also tested a bit of coding for the Balystic team at the end of the day.

Tomorrow is Friday!

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