Summer Internship Day Off?

How do you know if you like your work? It is an important question, especially early in your search for a career. One of the reasons I decided to work at Agileana this summer was to find out wether I wanted to pursue computer science in the future and wether I wanted to pursue a startup environment in the future. However, I was halfway through my internship and I didn’t know the answer to these questions. However, one thing definitely made it clear that I am enjoying this line of work. I took a day off.

On Monday, I was unable to come into work. But all I could think about was what was happening at work and what I was missing. I didn’t want to miss the sprint planning. I didn’t want to miss meeting Jose for his first day in the office. I didn’t want to miss a full day of work with coworkers that I have come to really like. It is for this reason that I am writing this post so early in the morning. I am eager to get back to work. To see what the team accomplished yesterday. To accomplish more myself. To get work done.

Yesterday was tough as I knew there was a lot going that I was not a part of. Today will be better simply because I am a part of it. For those who are unable to decide wether or not they want to continue any line of work, take a day off. See how you feel. The better you feel, the less it means this line of work is for you. But if you feel a strong desire to get back, to make an impact, then you just might have found what you are meant to do. I believe and hope I have found what I enjoy and wish that everyone finds it for themselves too.

Yesterday was tough. Today will be better

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