Summer Hackathon update by Sydney Miller June 29, 2016

Hello! Today at the Summer Internship Hackathon, things were a bit different than they had been the past. When I walked in this morning, there were tons of lists on the big yellow paper and Blake was taping them up all over the room. Things to do!

We split into three groups: Saas, Tool, and traction. I am on the traction team with Kunal, Jessie, and Farhan and today we started working on the first few things on our MVP list for the 7DHub idea. While we did make progress, I think our most significant challenge was coming up with a new name for the product (especially one with free domain names and social media handles). My favorites were Bevy and Floq, but I’m trying not to get too attached in case we have trouble acquiring a “.com”. Fun fact:┬áBevy means a group of something, or a type of deer.

I’m excited to check more items off the list tomorrow! Have a great evening!


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