Growth Hacking SEO Quotient by Sydney Miller

Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon

Hi there everyone!

Its Friday and boy did the first week here at Agileana go by fast! Out team actually started gaining some traction for the SEOQuotient product using Facebook. We invited all our Facebook friends to like the page and ended up going from 33 likes to 151. We did the same for the Balystic page and it went from around 500 likes to 666. We are planning to do another blast for the Agileana page later next week.

A few of us shared a post we made in the SEOQ page to our personal accounts for more publicity and we are hoping to do the same with the Balystic page once we solidify the features and elevator pitch.

In addition to all the advertising on Facebook, we started making accounts on small business networks and posting about the SEOQ product as a Search Engine Optimization Tool.

Blake also helped talk the traction team through Key Performance Indicators such as Facebook likes, unique web visits, Alexa score, etc. We made a spreadsheet to track our progress from week to week.

At the end of the day we had a retrospective meeting which left us all on a positive note 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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