Summer Hackathon Day Six: Inception Deck and SEOQ Code

Day Six:

Today we had a standup reviewing what we got done last week and what we were going to attack this week. Pranav and I were going to create an Inception Deck but decided that we might need some help from the Traction Team, so Blake made the call to merge the two teams together. Together in the next hour, we created an Inception Deck. By doing so, we choose which components of the SEOQ search engine optimization analysis tool we needed to complete for our minimum viable product.

After doing this, we discussed user stories and also prioritized those. When Blake left to work with the SaaS team, Pranav, Jessie, Kunal, and I discussed which parts of the algorithm we could do with Majestic and which parts we could do with Scrapy, and which parts of the algorithm were most crucial. We looked into how Majestic works, and also talked about the business model that the tool could be plugged into.

Tomorrow we plan to fill Jose in on how we think we should approach the coding after our discussion. We also plan to work on the format of the SEO report and integrate Majestic.


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