Summer Hackathon Day Five: Most Popular SEO Analysis Tools

Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon

Day Four:

We started off the day with another daily stand-up. After catching up on how all of the teams were doing, we broke off into our separate teams again. Pranav and I worked on finding more companies that produced competing SEO tools to SEOQ and writing up our research on how those tools worked, what we liked about them, and what we thought we could do better. We did this my scouring the sites and demoing their tools. We also investigated their business models and their user interface.

After lunch, we demoed the sites for Blake and Luis. After presenting our thoughts on each one, we drew a few conclusions. We concluded that we needed analysis based on keywords, a way to monitor sites for users, a free version of a basic tool and paid versions that gave more detailed reports, etc. These were pulled from the things that we liked about the other tools. However, we found holes in the market, as there were no tools that effectively created an SEO community. WooRank came close, but their listing of SEO professionals was random and inefficient. So, we thought that improving our directory of professionals could be our way of distinguishing ourselves from the competition.

The next step is design, which begins with an inception deck that Pranav and I will work on. Week 1, down!


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