Summer Hackathon Day 8 by Farhan Farooqui

Being absent for the past 2 days due to Eid celebrations with my family, I have spent most of today catching up on the good work that my colleagues have done. The philosophy of “Move fast and break things” is very much followed here.

As with any product, no matter how good the service provided we will never be successful until we can get it in the hands of our customers. Knowing this we have devised an initial phase of our growth hacking strategy involving: inviting SEO professionals via telephone and email to sign up for our web app, writing useful guest blogs on small/medium business forums and optimizing our product for relevant keyword searches.

Internally we have become cohesive within our teams. Sydney and Justin are fun to work with and understand the big picture well. I am excited at gaining proficiency with Google analytics and achieving certification in that are and applying it to truly understand our key performance indicators. With all the outreach we have done this week I am confident our KPIs will move in the right direction and validate our product hypothesis.


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