Summer Hackathon Day Three

Day Three:

I started off the day, again, trying to configure my work environment. I gained access to the 7DHub repository but still did not finish configuration.

Next we all broke off into teams and began working on our prospective tasks. I’m working on the SEOQ Tool Team with Pranav and Luis. The other scrum team is working on the Saas product and we have the traction team. For a large portion of the day, we discussed with Blake, and Jose one of Andres’s team members how we could improve the SEOQ tool and turn it into the business model. The whole discussion gave rise to a lot of potential improvements. The goal would be to improve the quality of the tool for website owners and to use this tool as a way to bring in SEO professionals to create a marketplace where they can reach website owners and website owners can seek their help.

After our long discussion, Blake had to meet with the other teams. So, Luis led us in planning our first sprint. We decided to spend the next two days configuring our work spaces, researching how SEOQ works right now so we can reuse some of the algorithm, researching other successful SEO tools to see how they crawl websites, etc. I think we came up with a really doable plan for the next two days and I’m glad we’ve narrowed this project down to a finite set of tasks that we need to accomplish. He also introduced JIRA to us. Afterwards, Jose walked us through the Python code for 508Q. I now have a better understanding of the structure of the program as a whole and it makes me believe that we can actually make SEOQ a lot better!

Joyce Duan

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