Summer Hackathon Day 1

Much like a first day of school, the beginning of this internship came with a healthy mix of angst and anticipation. However, it was immediately comforting to be among friends when I walked in and soon my anxiety began to fade away.

That nervousness quickly turned to excitement when Blake took over and began introducing himself and the operation at Inqbation. I have long been reading about the stories of various successful startups. But when Blake began talking about these stories with respect to our work this summer, these stories took on a new meaning. It is extremely exciting to consider the prospect of making a product myself and more importantly, making an impact with the work I will engage in this summer.

After introductions, today was spent outlining the goals of our work as well as reviewing the Agile methodology. I took a great deal away from what Blake had to say about entrepreneurs always working in teams as well as the importance of maintaining transparency between team members and product owners.

I really enjoyed the display of knowledge by Blake, Luis, Andres, and Jenny. The whole team seems experienced and confident in their roles as well as with each other. I enjoyed hearing about Blake’s background and greatly appreciate the sentiment that it can be anyone, from anywhere, that creates the next big thing. Finally, the office space is a nice perk. The supply of snacks and ample supply of monitors makes for a great place to meet, talk, and program.

I can’t wait for day 2 and am extremely excited for the next 6 weeks.


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