Day 2 & 3 of summer hackathon by Jenny Zhang

The last two days breezed right by…

We spent the entire Tuesday discussing the project we wanted to create. Blake was eager to hear our input, and we suggested some great ideas. It was fascinating to see what all my teammates were interested in and to hear their opinions on certain concepts. I learned more about standards for a viable product – some ideas sound great at first, but just aren’t that feasible. Eventually, we settled on creating 7dHub while also expanding the SEOQ tool.

Today, I was surprised to learn that I’ve been switched from the traction team to the SaaS sprint team. Though this was unexpected, I welcome this opportunity to further my coding skills and work with Claire, Chris, and John. Also, it’s a good thing that I went in early this morning to have Andres help me set up all the software on my PC; there’s a risk that it won’t be as compatible as on a Mac, but I hope it won’t be too big of an issue. I learned to use Vagrant, a┬ácomputer software that creates and configures virtual development environments. I’ve heard my techie friends mention the term “virtual machine” before, never knowing what it was, and today I ran two right on my laptop. Wow!

Next, we learned about Django, a free and open source web application framework we’ll be using for 7dHub. However, luck wasn’t on my side. I had trouble configuring the software because of a broken python installation. This issue ate up almost my entire workday. In fact, I still haven’t been able to resolve it, preventing me from completing the Django tutorial. Issues like this are probably common in development, and I just hope I have more luck with it tomorrow.

I think I like the natural┬ápace and the working environment at Agileana. I’m already getting a lot out of this, and I look forward to the rest of the week.


Until next time,


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