Starbuck’s partners with iPhone and AT&T

The iPhone GPS locators finds the closest Starbuck’s

December 8, 2008, Seattle.  In a brilliant marketing move, Starbuck’s (SBUX), AT&T (ATT) and Apple (APPLE) team up to provide a Starbuck’s store locator application for the iPhone.  With only two swipes of your thumb, the iPhone’s built-in GPS system will determine where you are, vector it to the closest Starbuck’s, and lead you step-by-step, or stoplight-by-stoplight to your daily java.

Stocks soared on Wall Street at the news of the partnership.  No doubt Wall Streeters were testing out the new application as they drove up stock prices.  Starbuck’s Press Secretary stated, “It is creative partnerships and technical innovations like this that will lead America out of this recession and back onto the world stage.”

*Editors note and disclosure: no such Starbuck’s application really exists.  But, I would love to see it.  You don’t know how many times I’ve circled around city blocks looking for a Starbuck’s or taken the wrong turn off an exit in my search.  The world really needs an application like this.