Sprint Two: The Actual End – Invites

Day 10 started bright and early at 8 am. I walked in planning on trying to get ahead on items I thought would be on the next sprint only to realize that the kanban board from the pervious week had not been cleared. Blake sat down and talked to Jenny, Andreas and I about how to resolve that and the three of us began those tasks. Those tasks specifically involved sending an invite to join a community and receiving that invite as either a user or non user and then either creating an account for a non user or immediately setting permissions for an already registered user. While some aspects of the tasks didn’t take too long to get set up, other aspects were extremely complicated and our team eventually left it in Andreas’s master hands to complete. Then our team was able to sit down with Blake and actually plan our sprint for the next week.

Following two weeks of pushed sprints onto Monday our team decided to step it up and stayed longer in order to get a head start on the biggest tasks in our next sprint. Chris managed to make leaps in updating communities, John was able to work on respecting personally identifiable information (PII), and I got a lot of work done adding multiple pages and a navigation bar to a default community page.

Tomorrow we should be able to get a lot more specifics done as soon as we complete defining user stories and definition of done!


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