Sprint Two: Pictures, Profiles and Communities

Day 8 of the summer hackathon internship marked the halfway point on sprint two for the Baylistic coding team. I got in early intending on working on image cropping only to realize during the daily standup that it was not a part of the definition of done for the user story. So I went back to polishing validation for image uploads. Unfortunately I had forgotten to add a snippit of HTML code that links pictures to uploading so I spent a bit of time stuck before I realized it. After that I added the photos to community profiles and then worked with Jenny on finishing up user profiling by adding the last fields.

Following lunch I began pair programming with Chris to set up inviting a user to join a community on Balystic – this is super complicated but Andreas pointed us in the direction of a django library for invitations.

The sprint looks to be in good progress and we should be able to finish on time tomorrow.


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