Sprint Two: Invites

Day 9 was the end of sprint two! When I walked in this morning I noticed that we had pushed items around on the kanban board! We pushed profiles (both personal and community) from testing to done and we had pushed browsing communities from development to testing to done! The creation of communities was also in testing (from development) as of this morning. That left the only things to be developed as inviting members to join a community and accepting an invite to join a community. Chris and I had been working on this the previous afternoon when I left and we had been having lots of struggles with it.

Today the full team dedicated themselves to working on email invites and essentially were stuck all day. When I stepped out for a few minutes to let Blake know that we wouldn’t have email invites done by demo time I came back to working email invites! I don’t know what my team did in those few minutes but they sure GSD: got stuff done!


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