Sprint Planning and Printing JSON Returned by QScraper

Today the Tool Team started off the day with sprint planning the whole week, which I thought was really helpful. We took about two hours doing this and split up all the different user storiesĀ into Core and SEO KPI. Within each category, we marked which user stories would be easy, medium, and hard and also which ones were the most valuable and which ones depended on other user stories. Then, within all of the user stories, we prioritized and thought about our definitions of done.

We then set up our kanban board. We broke down each user story into smaller tasks that we could use to focus ourselves and put those and the user stories onto the to-do side of the kanban board. We decided that the first task to get done was to use the QScraper in a python file. Andres set up a folder in the 7DHub GitHub repository for us to push our work into. We successfully printed the contents of the QScraper JSON file. This is good progress for us to work off of for tomorrow, as a lot of the user stories depend on this.


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