Sprint 3: Higher Level Functionality

Day 11 marked the official first day of sprint three. We started the day again with the stand up meeting which we had actually forgotten yesterday. Immediately after that the SaaS team for Balystic got to work on higher level functionalities for both general users and communities. Now that Andreas finished the functionality for joining communities I could specifically list only the members of a community on that community’s webpage. John was also able to add the privacy setting so that contact info only displays for members who you share communities with. Chris also finished the update community page and later in the day Jenny finished “tags” for both users and communities. At the end of the day unfortunately we had a lot of hold up because of a bad push to git and it took another hour or so to resolve the issues with that push so that we could then push the rest of our work and merge the additions.

At the end of the day we walked away with 5/9 stories moved to testing with 2 of those stories very close to that point. We surely are GSD – getting stuff done!!!


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