Sprint 1 & 2 of Summer Internship Hackathon by Jenny Zhang


Since last I blogged, we’ve got the ball rolling on our project–Balystic. Yesterday our SaaS team completed our first sprint, in which we implemented basic functionality of our community management tool. Users can now sign up on Balystic and verify their accounts through either email or SMS. It may not seem like much, but to me, at least, it’s a huge first step.

Today, we began our second sprint work period. Eager to get started, I read up on documentation about linking social accounts and incorporating an image cropping tool for profile and community pictures. Unfortunately, I soon ran into some trouble with the virtual machine configuration. However, I don’t feel
that I wasted my time trying to debug the errors; I actually learned a lot more about Git Bash, Vagrant, and Ansible through the process. In my previous programming endeavors I’ve only played in a sandbox, and now I get to explore a whole beach.

I didn’t think this would be smooth sailing – there’s bound to be some rough seas ahead (as well as more cheesy metaphors). Right now I’m enjoying the agile development and exploring new software. Like always, the best part of this summer internship hackathon is that I’m learning more each day.


Until next time (hopefully tomorrow),

Jenny 🙂

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