Summer Hackathon Day Four: SEO Research

Day Four:

To start off the day, we had our first standup, which is a crucial part of agile methodology. We talked about what each team had accomplished the day before and and talked about what we wanted to get done today and any obstacles that might stand in our way. For the SEO Tool Team, we decided that it would be more important to understand the basics of SEO before trying to make a tool better. After all, how could we make a tool better when we don’t even understand what the tool is used for?

So me, Pranav, Luis, and Blake met for about an hour for a quick SEO 101 lesson. We learned finer details of how Google ranks sites. The discussion gave us a better idea of what we had to research on our own for the remainder of Sprint 0.

Afterwards, Andres helped us configure our work spaces. They are now both up and running!

After lunch we met with Luis and set more definite goals for research. We decided the three most important things to research would be 1) What are the main SEO tool competitors out there? 2) How do they work? and 3) How does Google rank websites? Pranav and I split up the research for the three things so that we could have a broader base of knowledge as we approach the design of the tool. I’ve already learned so much and can’t wait to learn more tomorrow.


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