Social Media Strategy

For social media, content has always been the king and distribution its queen.  Social networks are filled with information about companies and products trying to generate more traffic to their websites through real-time conversations.

Businesses are looking for different ways to create viral content to have more visibility for possible clients and customers.  Social media savvy businesses have found that consumers are looking for content related to their experiences, i.e., relevant content.

Nowadays, companies are watching – in real-time – what their customers are asking for; they talk to them wanting to know what they think about the product, how can they improve it and if they would like to tell the story behind their experience.

So if you want to improve your social media content strategy, here some useful and simple things that can make a big difference:

  1. Take time to plan your content and create it.
  2. Apply the 80/20 rule for social media where 80% is information of interest and 20% is related to marketing messaging.  Always talking about your product does not help to create community – people want to hear you story.
  3. Listen to your community, sometimes big ideas come from your clients or consumers, like Starbucks’ case
  4. Use visual marketing like images, photos and videos increase the engagement.
  5. Use your imagination and creativity; try different ways to say the same thing according to your brand’s personality.

Which other tendencies do you think the new year will bring for Social Media?

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