How to get found on Google

Feeling lost? Want to get found on Google?

Getting found on Google is not hard. You have to follow three simple steps:

1. Use WordPress to power your website
2. Choose the keyword phrases that your target audience will most likely Google
3. Insert that keyword phrase into the subject or title of your blog post

Do this and I guarantee that you will get found.

SEO for Dummies

You are not a dummy. I’m sure you are smart and knowledgeable in your subject matter. You are a subject matter expert. So, leverage that expertise. There are actually 5 rules to SEO if you want to get found on Google.

1. Choose the right keyword phrases
2. Inject those keywords into the page title
3. Inject those keywords into the page URL
4. Inject those keywords into the page heading
5. Inject those keywords into the link text

Do this and you are doing better than 80% of the folks out there. Use WordPress as your CMS and it is as simple and easy as injecting those keywords into your blog title. WordPress does the rest.

In the video below, I explain a bit more about how to choose the right keywords. But, to summarize, the right keywords are the EXACT SEARCH PHRASE that your intended target audience might Google to find organizations like yours.

So, put yourself into the shoes of your target audience … which means you know your target audience is. Then, discover what search phrase, which is usually 3-5 words, they would enter into Google to find websites like yours. Then copy and past that exact search phrase into your blog post title or subject line.

That’s all there is to it.

How to get found on Google

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