SEO Analysis tools to compare competitor websites

Classic question from a typical client…

Dentist: Why does the dentist across the street rank higher than me?

To many people, who don’t quite understand how search engines work, it could be baffling to try to understand why a competing business in the same area – or even the same building – ranks higher on Google than your business.  To those who have studied or mastered how search engines work, the answer is pretty simple.

The five golden rules for ranking on Google are:

  1. Choose the right keyword phrases (KWP)
  2. Inject the KWP into your page title
  3. Inject the KWP into your page URL
  4. Inject the KWP into your page headings
  5. Inject the KWP into your page link text

At inQbation Labs, an employee-owned R&D lab that creates B2B web apps, developed a free SEO analysis tool called SEO Quotient, which test exactly for these five golden rules.  In addition, it gives you a gap analysis and tells you exactly why that pesky competitor across the street or in the same building as you ranks higher on than you on Google.

Give SEO Quotient a try and let us know how it works for you.

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