Secure your WordPress site by running the latest version of WordPress

The latest stable version of WordPress the day this article is being published is WordPress 3.5.1. Running the latest version of WordPress on your site is more important than you might think. As you probably know WordPress is the world’s most popular and user friendly CMS. Hence, most hackers focus their attacks on this CMS. By upgrading to the latest version you are enhancing your security since like any other software, app or platform, upgrades include bug fixes, security enhancements etc. directly from WordPress itself.

Still, upgrading WordPress to its latest version is not as easy or intuitive as it might seem. It is not like upgrading software on you PC. If you click on upgrade in the backend of your website you could crash it or at a minimum create problems with plugins, etc. This task is for professionals and at inQbation we are experts in upgrading WordPress to its latest version without creating problems for you or your site. And as a standard procedure we always create backups before making any updates or upgrades. So, iff you need help or assistance with upgrading WordPress to its latest stable version feel free to contact us for a quote.

If you would like to stay up to date with WordPress latest releases click here.

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