Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Planning

Day Seven:

Today we continued from where we left off with prioritizing the parts of the algorithm we wanted to look at. We dove a lot deeper into actually laying out how that algorithm would be displayed and where we could retrieve that information. We fiddled with the weighting of some of the components that would make up the score and also found a new source called KeywordSpy that we could use to determine keyword phrase (KWP) competition, which was another component of the analysis that we agreed is very important to have today. It sets up a context for the score. For example, if you have a low score but competition is also low, your actual rank may be high.

After we created almost arbitrary weights, we decided to do some manual testing. Halfway through, we thought that this wouldn’t be very effective, and that it would be much easier to test after we have coded the algorithm. Hopefully tomorrow we can get started on the code and keep progressing forward.


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