Search Engine, Internet Marketing Checklist

In order to stay focused and keep on track, I have developed an SEO checklist.  If you work on several websites, you may want to consider adding additional columns to the right of this checklist so that you can give each of your properties SEO love and attention.

Web Analytics

  • Review web traffic looking for:
    • Keywords that bring in traffic
      • Learn/understand visitor needs
      • Discover what keywords are converting
      • Leverage those keywords in the future
    • Traffic sources
      • Discover influential venues
      • Leverage those sources for new launches
    • Pages that get visited
      • Discover your most valuable/popular content
      • Use these popular pages to introduce new content links
    • Most frequent landing pages
      • Make sure these landing pages are well written
      • Make sure that important content/links are included on these pages
    • Pages with high bounce rate
      • Analyze why pages fail to keep web visitors
      • Modify title/meta information to be more relevant
  • Webmasters Tools
    • Discover and resolve crawl errors

Keyword Analysis

  • Develop targeted web visitor personas
  • Discover their needs
  • Understand the search engine behavior
  • Develop list of keywords
  • Conduct keyword search volume analysis
  • Conduct keyword difficulty (competition) analysis
  • Rank/prioritize keywords based on supply and demand


  • Start with most visited pages (discovered in Web Analytics)
  • Identify opportunities to improve language to better reflect keywords
  • Assist in the creation of new relevant content


  • Ensure Title tags are unique, relevant and efficient
  • Ensure link text includes long-tail keyword phrases
  • Ensure headings are relevant and include long-tail keyword phrases
  • Ensure images and other ALT text or Title attributes are optimized for keywords


  • Research websites where content is cited or relevant but not hyper linked
  • Request hyper links from relevant web sites


  • Respond to blog posts with relevant (approved) messaging
  • Submit links and announcements to relevant social media venues

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