Search Engine Friendly (SEF)

In order for a website to be considered, “Search Engine Friendly,” it should have these basic elements:

  1. Clean, validated code
  2. Effective use of CSS to control style, layout, and font
  3. Unique TITLE tags that describe  the page subject
  4. Unique DESCRIPTIONS that describe page contents
  5. Images appropriately named after subject matter
  6. File names and directory naming convention that describes content
  7. Text-based site maps
  8. Text anchored links
  9. Fast loading pages
  10. Content rich pages

In order for a website to be considered, “Search Engine Hostile,” it usually contains these elements:

  1. Heavy and extensive use of Flash
  2. Images instead of Header tags
  3. Words and text embedded in JPG and GIF files
  4. Splash pages
  5. Valuable content hidden behind login and passwords
  6. Missing title, alt, and description tags
  7. Meaningless file and directory names
  8. Slow-loading web pages

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