Scrum and Agile – Sprint Termination for fixed budgets

Sprint Termination in Agile is just another way a Product Owner can control what’s being worked on and how much time (and money) is spend on it. Sprint Termination can happen when a Product Owner decides that the current Sprint is not worth it. This could be for different reasons:

  • Requirements have changed
  • The backlog items are not important enough and take much more time than expected
  • A new Critical Issue arises and it will take more than a week to fix

That’s only to list a few. The decision to terminate a Sprint can only come from the Product Owner.

After a Sprint is terminated two events should follow: Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. On the Sprint Review, the team can inspect what got done and what didn’t, and what can be re-used from that. In the Retrospective, the Team will discuss what went wrong and how they can avoid it.

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