Scrum and Agile – How to do a Sprint Review

Before doing a step-by-step of how this event should happen, we need to identify the main deliverable of this event:

A modified Product Backlog

Why? With a modified Backlog you can then be prepared for the next event: Sprint Planning.

Generally, these are the recommended steps to take on a Sprint Review:

  1. Demo: this is as much for the developers as for the product owner. It’s when the developers “shows off” their work to the Product Owner and other Stakeholders present.
  2. Developers should discuss strengths, weaknesses of the Project (different from Sprint Retrospective)
  3. Product Owner should take the opportunity to inform them about any changes (money, sprint decisions, etc)
  4. Prioritization of PBIs (Product Backlog Items) by the Product Owner

Note: If during the Sprint, the developer found a bug that isn’t related to the PBIs they are currently working on, they should add them to the Product Backlog and bring them up on the next Sprint Review. This way, the Product Owner can prioritize them too.

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