Rules for guest blogging on inQbation

inQbation is receptive to well-written, relevant, guest blog posts that are not overtly self-promotional.

Here are the rules:

Top 5 rules for guest blogging

  1. Don’t spam, don’t be crass with your commercial messages or overtly self-promotional
  2. Open a New Window when you link out to other websites
  3. Include a subtle but professional byline at the bottom with a single back link

How to open a New Window when you link out

Tips for effective Guest blogging

  1. Think about and decide on the most important point or message
  2. Research your subject material so you know it well
  3. Break the blog post up into 3-5 paragraphs
  4. Put a heading (Heading 2) above each paragraph
  5. Find a relevant photo or image that compliments the article
  6. Write for the target audience of the host website
  7. Write well, edit your work, deliver professional quality content
  8. Search engine optimize your site with headings, tags, and SEO images

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