RIP IE6: Microsoft makes it official, IE6 is dead

Via Twitter, Microsoft officially announces that IE6 should no longer be supported.

It’s not often that we encourage you to stop using one of our products, but for #IE6, we’ll make an exception.

As most web designers already know, Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6, commonly known as IE6, requires hacks and work-arounds to make a website look consistent with other web browsers.  The problem has always been Microsoft’s deviation from commonly accepted best practices driven, in large part, by the World Wide Web Consortium or

I’m quite sure that millions of web designers and developers are celebrating today as a historical landmark in the History of the Internet when we will no longer have to deal with IE6 compatibility.  Whoo hoo!

I guess the IE6countdown will soon be part of Way Back Machine’s Internet Archive.

IE6 is one less thing that I have to write about things that suck.

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