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Vyoom: Where Social Activity is Rewarded! from Mark Takenaka on Vimeo.

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As the world turns and the web evolves, Vyoom offers yet one more new spin on social networking, social media and search engine marketing.  Their slogan or tagline, “Where social activity is rewarded: Get rewarded for the things you already do! Earn points for everyday social activities…”

Vyoom sports a nifty information video (above) embedded into their home page that helps to explain the concept.  The video shows how Zane Zanzabar gets free products by surfing the web and socializing online.  It sounds like a monetized/commercialized version of Facebook.

According to the video, you create a profile and use Vyoom’s R-Pilot System to navigate the site.  Vyoom features social streaming, social search and easy filtering.  Vyoom creates an environment where social trends and social behavior can be studied and, presumably, applied to retail, industrial design and manufacturing.  Indeed, when “Zane creates a wish list of items he has alwasy wanted,” this give Vyoom insight as to one half of consumer demand.  The other half of consumer demand, by the way, is Zane’s ability to pay for his wish list.

Anyway, sounds like an interesting concept and since privacy doesn’t really exist anymore, might as well win a few rewards while  you do what you would have normally done on Facebook, AOL, Yahoo or Google anyway.

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