Product Front End: An Experiment in Responsive Web Design

The past week has been all out making our products website great. Although we had to start from scratch we had an important tool with us – data. And tons of it. With the product as is we could see what pages were popular and what design elements were failing us. Working with expert UI and UX designers I learnt the importance of thinking like the user and formulating a funnel through which conversions would be made.

Shifting through multiple examples of great webpages we were able to decide on a multi block design in which the user could self identify thus enabling us to show them relevant content and keep them on the page longer. This would also enable us to highlight features of our website other than the tool having the user discover the community, directory and courses sections of our website.

Taking in all the feed back we received for the current SEO Quotient has led to us to have an improved understanding of the industry and validated our market. Keeping agile methodologies in mind we presented our KPIs last Friday to the team and were enthusiastic about the insights we were able to share.




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