Product Development: Brainstorming SaaS models

One of the¬†toughest nuts for every company in the world to crack is how to market and sell their product once they’ve finished building it. Therefore we have started brainstorming possible pricing models and methods of distributions for our SEO optimization tool. By conducting research amongst competitive tools, we were able to identify several models and variations of the “Software as a Service” methodology.


Checking with our product owner (Blake), we wanted to be focus on as many avenues of entry for the tool we are creating. Blake suggested to focus on the getting relevant audiences to sign up and we decided we need to have individual models for all our target audiences (Website owners, SEO pros, Students). Additionally we need to harvest a viral loop by incentivizing our initial users recommending it to their friends.


Side by side we ran design meetings with Jenny and Mike who are helping us translate our wireframe and sketches into final designs. The things I have learnt in the past two days are beyond just best practices of good design but how to formulate a user oriented responsive design that translates to the most amount of conversions and traffic. Like any hackathon there is stress to get the new version of the website live as soon as possible but we need to ensure that quality is not compromised .





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