Pinterest’s Explosive Growth Continues

…and Facebook is getting nervous.

Just over a year ago, we took note of the incredible overnight popularity of online pinboard, Pinterest. Well, according to the most recent statistics, Pinterest’s explosive growth hasn’t let up yet.

In December, Nielsen released its 2012 Social Media Report, which revealed that Pinterest saw an increase of over 1000% in the number of unique visitors in 2012 (more on that here). And Nielsen isn’t the only one who’s noticed. Since Pinterest’s inception, sites like Facebook have been trying to harness the power of images by releasing new features, like Graph Search and the upcoming New Newsfeed. Here is an entire article devoted to websites that use a Pinterest-style visual grid.

Meanwhile, the fight for mobile attention rages on, and Pinterest is holding its own against the big boys of Facebook and Twitter. Between web and apps, they have nearly 20 million unique mobile users.

While that might seem like chump change compared to Facebook’s 443 million million users (and that’s just the app), keep in mind that Pinterest wasn’t even a blip on Facebook’s radar 2 years ago. In 2 years, they have gone from being a nobody to influencing the strategy of the social media giant. If they can do that in 2 years, who knows what they will accomplish in 5. It sure doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon.

Zero to hero, in no time flat.

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