Phone Number Verification using Twilio and Django – 6th Day

Herndon, Virginia; Summer Internship Hackathon

The start of this week marked the end of our first sprint! After a short daily stand-up meeting, we convened to complete the verification by phone. Jenny worked on getting Twilio, a library for sending text messages, working while Claire looked through the allauth libraries. John and I worked on implementing the Twilio changes so that the text message would send the same link as the verification link in the welcome email. By lunch, we were pushing the code to GitHub and getting ready for our demo to Blake.

Our 1st demo turned out to be a success, with all features working! It was also cool to see Andres’ progress as well; it will definitely help in starting this week’s sprint. We repeated Friday’s process by writing down user stories, their corresponding tasks, definitions of done, and difficulty levels. After eliminating the last two “extra-hard” stories in order to avoid over-committing for the week, we put the user stories on the board. By tomorrow, we should be progressing on community creation!


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