What the heck is Scrumban?

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Scrumban is the happy marriage of Scrum and Kanban Agile methodologies. It sprang up with the need to cater to changing priorities of clients while maintaining the frequency of quality production releases. For the uninitiated, here’s a synopsis of what Scrum and Kanban is: Scrum is the Agile methodology that encourages faster delivery of self … Continued


4 Rules of Git (and the 8 Rules of Fight Club)

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At a recent Drupal GovCon that I attended at the National Institutes of Health Campus in Bethesda Maryland, I sat in on a talk by Daniel Zinkevich of Zivtech (maker of – a tool for automated testing, quality assurance, and continuous integration). Daniel’s tech talk was titled, “Untangling Your Code: A Drupal-Based Git Workflow.”  Good … Continued

Building a CMS, Final Thoughts

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After about 2 weeks I have finally finished a simple CMS and this blog will be about my experiences, comments, and final statements about the CMS. I would definitely recommend people to start building a CMS after learning PHP. The course I previously mentioned helped a lot as it when slow with a lot of … Continued

Installing Open Social using Composer on a Mac

Installing Open Social using Composer on a Mac

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I had to install Open Social somehow onto my local computer server, aka, local host, but there were not that many tutorials online or guidelines. Many of them required extra steps or didn’t even explain the essential steps clearly. So I will be talking about how I installed Open Social. The first step is to … Continued

Thoughts on PHP

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PHP is a very similar coding language to Java, syntax wise. The declaration of variables, OOP, data types, functions and forming data all resemble that of Java. But, just as Java is also similar to python, PHP has python-like syntax/mechanics as well since variables can change data types easily, reading, writing, and deleting files in … Continued

Building a basic CMS

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been basically working on creating a CMS, something similar to facebook, quora, etc, but of course, much more basic and rundown since, after all, I am a beginner at this. To do so I’ve had to learn the basics of PHP and the intricacies of working with php, html, … Continued

Why Toggl time tracker is better than JIRA tempo tracker

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On my last blog post, I wrote about Why I Stopped Using the JIRA Tempo Tracker and how I instead started using toggl. And as promised, here’s my review on toggl after using it for one month. As I mentioned before, I started using toggl after Tempo’s tracker was updated and no longer omnipresent. Toggl … Continued

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Why I Stopped Using the JIRA Tempo Tracker

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Recently JIRA has been making a lot of changes and improvements, and going through them has been a little hard (like getting kicked out of your account and being forced to create a new one). Eventually, I got used to the changes, until Tempo tracker got “upgraded”. Tempo tracker was never the prettiest or smartest … Continued

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Git best practices with pull requests

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Some time ago I published an article about git best practices in agile projects, which prevent the most common conflicts when many developers are collaborating together in a project, especially when they work remotely. That workflow is enhanced by a feature offered by systems like GitHub and BitBucket called pull requests, which allows developers to … Continued

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Alternative notifications for Entityforms in Drupal 7

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Entityform already offers a way to send notifications: by integrating with Rules module you can configure your notifications for administrators or other recipients, some of those may be inputs in the form itself, so this is perfect for most of cases, ah and if you need to migrate the form from one environment to another … Continued

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Agile Development: What is the difference between “Ready” and “Done”?

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When working with Agile, you will always hear the terms ready and done; they are an essential part of all agile projects. Unfortunately, some people try to use these two terms interchangeably . On this blog post, I plan to explain the difference between these two, and also try to guide you on how to … Continued

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