Open source mobile application development framework

PhoneGap – allows you to develop mobiles apps using web standards

With Phone cap you can:

  • Build a single mobile application for multiple mobile phone types
  • Leverage web standards (HTML5) to build universal mobile apps
  • Use the free open source framework or get access to native APIs
  • Deploy to multiple mobile platforms and devices
  • Take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Use JavaScript to write code for mobile devices
  • Get help from a growing community of PhoneGap developers

Phone Gap supports the following platforms:

  • Appile iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows (WP7)
  • HP Web OS
  • Bada
  • Symbian
  • OS 5.x

Supported features:

  • Camera
  • Compass
  • Contacts
  • Files
  • Geolocation
  • Media
  • Network
  • Notification (alert)
  • Notification (sound)
  • Notification (vibration)
  • Storage
  • Accelerometer

If you want to build mobile apps across all devices and mobile operating systems, Phone Gap helps you make that happen more cost-effectively and efficiently.

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