Not so fast with the Flash … for the iPhone

iPhone incompatible with Adobe Flash

With iPhone sales expected to top 45 million by next year, Flash web designers should note that of of this date, the Apple iPhone continues to be incompatible with Adobe Macromedia Flash player. Perhaps it is because Steve Jobs of Apple prefers to promote his own movie player, Quicktime 7, or perhaps it is some other reason. Whatever the reason, people should know that the iPhone has significant penetration and if you want your website to be seen and used over the iPhone, you should avoid embedding Adobe Macromedia Flash into any mission critical functionality within your website.

For example, do not use Flash as part of your navigation, calls to action, or anything that is absolutely essential to conveying your message across your website. I’ve been saying for many years that Flash is over-rated, that people overuse Flash for the sake of “coolness.” Now is the time to really think about what is absolutely critical to your website and ensure that Flash is not the vehicle for that mission critical functionality. Enough said.