News of Michael Jackson’s slows Internet

LOS ANGELES – If you look at the front page of all major newspapers in the United States – New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times – Michael Jackson’s death dominated the news.  How did all this news impact the Internet?

In an unbelievably jam-packed news week filled by:

  1. Iran
    1. Post-election violence
    2. President of Iran demands apology from Obama
    3. President of Iran likens Obama to Bush
    4. Protest leaders arrested to be “punished with cruelty”
  2. Celebrity deaths
    1. Ed McMahon died on Tuesday, June 24, 2009
    2. Farrah Fawcett died on Thursday, June 26, 2009
    3. Michael Jackson died on Thursday, June 26, 2009
  3. Iraq
    1. 200 people killed in bomb blasts
    2. US troops prepare to withdraw from Iraq
    3. Iraqi premier calls US withdrawal a great Iraqi victory
  4. SC Governor Mark Sanford
    1. Governor disappears over the weekend
    2. Governor reported to be hiking Appalachian trail
    3. Governor was actually in Argentina
    4. Governor had affair with woman from Argentina
    5. Governor traveled to Argentina of taxpayer’s expense
  5. Sports
    1. Shaquille O’Neal discovers via Twitter he’s traded to Cleveland
    2. Beloved high school football coach, Ed Thomas, gunned down
  6. Korea
    1. North Korea threatens to wipe US off face of the map
    2. North Korea prepares to launch more missiles
    3. North Korea accuses US of attempting nuclear war
    4. USS John McCain shadows North Korean cargo ship
    5. Tensions rise among Japan, Russia, China, US over N. Korea
  7. Apple
    1. Steve Jobs recovering from Tennessee liver transplant
    2. iPhone 3GS sells one million units over the weekend
    3. Pornographic iPhone app approved
  8. Washington, DC
    1. Metro rail train crashes, killing 9

It was the sudden death of Michael Jackson (50) in Los Angeles that briefly brought the Internet to it’s knees with Twitter, Google search and Google trends stopping to take deep breaths and record sales of Michael Jackson’s songs on iTunes and Amazon.

How did the Internet hold up to all this breaking news?  Web sucks wind at news of Michael Jackson’s death.

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