The New Google Analytics Sucks

I love Google Analytics and have been a huge fan for years. It gives me exactly what I need to know fast. Best of all, I can get reports and run reports by myself. I don’t need to ask my IT Department to give me a report and then 5 days later get a crappy looking spreadsheet that doesn’t answer my question. Indeed, Google Analytics empowers me to get my job done and I’m not dependent on the CIO office or IT Department. It’s extraordinarily liberating.

But WTF is up with Google’s new user interface (UI)? It’s not usable, not easy to navigate, not intuitive, adds little to no apparent value to the old version and seems to be a big waste of time and money on Google’s part. Why would they make such an effort and not consult with a usability specialist? I messed with it for 10 or 15 minutes and then reverted back to the old version.

Bad job on this by Google. Very disappointing. There may be some cool functionality there, but if it takes me more than 10-15 minutes to figure it out, it’s not usable in my opinion.

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