New Coding Practices and Agile Sprint Planning

The end of last week was quite successful for our team. We were able to complete all the tasks that we included in our sprint planning at the beginning of the week. With the help of José, we were able to scrape url pages and get information which is vital for the new version of SEO Quotient which we are creating. Additionally, we were able to use the Majestic API in order to get some extra data which we find helpful in SEO. A lot of last week consisted of figuring out our best coding practices and refactoring all our modules in a clean and efficient way. This type of coding is key for developers to make the job scalable and quick.

We began this week with another sprint planning session. Our tasks this week were much more plentiful as time is becoming an increasingly significant factor. We are beginning to dive into some more complicated programs which include finding some data which many other SEO tools do not consider such as google business listings. We may have stretched ourselves with the amount and difficulty of the tasks this week but I am confident that our team can complete the sprint we planned.

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