Network Solutions – WordPress hosting down and slow

If anybody out there is using Network Solutions for your hosting and if your website is powered by WordPress, then you have probably been experiencing some problems this week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, many of the websites hosted by Network Solutions were completely dark.  When they came up on Thursday, they were running really slow.  Today (Friday) many websites seem to be back up but you can’t log in.  Network Solutions has disabled the WordPress login saying on their Facebook page that because of a worldwide attack on WordPress sites, they are taking extra security precautions.

This is somewhat unfortunate because it didn’t have to happen.  Admittedly, WordPress is a target for hackers and has some security vulnerabilities, especially with the older versions of WordPress.  But, there are simple things that you can do to harden the security on your WordPress sites and make it more difficult for hackers to identify your site as being powered by WordPress and seal up those back doors.  Simply changing the login URL from /wp-admin/ or /wp-login/ to something different helps slow down or prevent hackers from penetrating your site.  If you are running WordPress and are worried about its security, give us a call.  Let us review your site for security vulnerabilities and allow us to harden your WordPress security to prevent incidents like this from spreading around the Internet and causing companies like Network Solutions from disabling all the WordPress logins hosted under their control.

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