My takeaway from the WordPress Meetup

This was a day of firsts for me. My first WordPress meetup, my first actual Meetup, my first time in DC, and now, my first blog post.

As my first time in DC, it was disappointing, since we only got to know the CHIEF offices.

As my first time in a Meetup it was ok.

I tend to be a shy person, so I don’t feel comfortable approaching strangers, so for me, the mingling part of the Meetup was a bust. I mostly just talked with my friend/colleague and this weird guy (he looked pregnant and creepy) that sat beside us. He was either staring at us or checking for girls on Tinder.

As for the talks…

The first one was about hooks, actions and filters by David Laietta I enjoyed this talk a lot, mainly, because I’m pretty new to WordPress and he explained the concepts and their uses very clearly. Even though I’m no longer a developer, as a Project Manager, I feel like knowing about this type of things help me understand what can be done and help me have more fluent conversations with my team.

The second talk I found a little boring. It was about Geo locations, time zones, GeoIP but Jenny Wong. Certain parts of the talk were interesting, especially when she explained what each of those terms mean and the constraints they have. But I thought it lack purpose and couldn’t find much usefulness in what she was saying.

The third talk was the best. Zack Tollman made HTTPS sound interesting. He talked about how knowing about TLS is essential and explained the importance (and how they work) of Authentication, Integrity, Encryption and Key Exchange. For the latter, he used the audience for a dynamic explanation, which made it not only easy to understand, but actually fun.

The fourth talk, was disappointing. It was added to the agenda that same day and it felt too squeezed in. I can’t remember her name, but I do remember that she was a lead developer for WordPress and that her success made me feel like I have achieved nothing in life. She had to rush through her talk and all I recall was that she talked about how improving WordPress is hard because of the mistakes they made before when naming things. Interesting, but I felt that she couldn’t give closure to her talk.


And finally, I guess the best part of the Meetup (not including the free pizza which was great too), was when at 5 to 9 pm they said: “Could you please leave within 5 minutes? If we stay longer, the cleaning crew will charge us extra.”


*If anyone is interested in attending a WordPress Meetup in DC, visit:

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