Multiple domains with one account, new tracking script and wordpress plugin

Over the past couple months we have been working on a lot of changes. First and foremost making the stats load faster, which you’ve probably noticed. We have also been working behind the scenes with some of our friends and heavy users to make BLVD even better, unique, useful and innovative. Today we have a couple updates that are going to start a chain of all kinds of new features and updates coming in the next couple of weeks.

1.) Multiple domains under one login. We have now made it possible to manage multiple domains under one login. If you look on your main page after logging in there is an “Add New Domain to Track” link. Add in the URL info and make sure that new domain has the right custom BLVD script running on it.

2.) Login with your email address now. No more usernames. We feel most people are used to logging in with their personal or business email to websites. In order to make it easier on our users, rather than adding one more username they have to remember, we took away usernames altogether. If you had multiple accounts with the same email address, the site just chooses the oldest account and assigns any domains that were attached to the duplicate accounts to that oldest one.

So, if a you signed up as [email protected] three times (different usernames), the 2nd and 3rd accounts you created will be merged into the first . That means that you will use the password from the first account you created along with your email address, to access the dashboard.

For quite a few users, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. But, for anyone who doesn’t have their original password, they can use the password reset tool to change it.

*If you created multiple accounts under different emails contact us with your accounts and the emails you used, and the email you want to be the master account, and we will merge it manually for you.

*If you forgot which email you used to sign up and you can’t login please contact us for that as well.

3.) Add additional users to view your stats on a per-domain basis. You can now allow read-only access to another user for any domain you track, by clicking on the “Manage User Access” link on the “Account Info” page. If the user you grant access to ALREADY has a BLVD Status account, the password(s) you provide will have no effect on their login information. If they don’t have an account, one will be created for them and an email will be sent to them with their login information.

4.) New Tracking script. As part of making the stats load and run faster and to also enable new features we have a new bit of java script to paste into your site. Please update your script before July 1st 2009, as it will enable your account to be a part of the new features and better running stats. It is now available in the main login page. We will stop supporting the current tracking script on July 1st, 2009. We will send a couple reminders if we see that you still haven’t made the switch, to help you avoid any downtime.

5.) Updated WordPress plugin. We have updated the wordpress plugin with the new script and we made it better as well. Again this is sweet if your site is solely or mostly built with WordPress as running stats is as easy as uploading and activating our plugin. You can download it here.

Upcoming: We will be releasing a paid version of BLVD Status soon, rest assured we will not take away any features that are currently free, and all the above mentioned items will remain free. However we are very excited about the new paid features. We think they will be worth every penny and we will be posting here in the next few days or so asking for some existing users to beta test the new paid versions.

As always we strive to make BLVD Status a “for us by us” type analytics, we listen closely to our users and we love to hear feedback, suggestions or feature ideas. So please don’t hesitate to contact us on our form or via email (support at blvdstatus dot com), contact form or Twitter.

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