Most popular CMS on the Internet

Most popular content management system (CMS) solutions among top million websites

Most popular CMS distribution among top 10,000 websites according to

According to, a website that provides lists of websites using particular web technologies and additional meta information about these results such as hoster information, contact URL and associated email addresses; WordPress powers the most popular websites in the top one million, top 100k, and top 10k websites in the world.

Joomla! takes second place in the CMS distribution among the top million sites followed by Drupal, Blogger, Website Tonight, and DotNetNuke.  However, when the scope is reduced to the top 100,000 websites; the distribution shakes up and Drupal takes second place, followed by Joomla! in third place, vBulleting in fourth, and DotNetNuke in fifth place.

Even more interesting, when you consider the top 10,000 websites; WordPress continues to take first place followed by Drupal in second, vBulletin in third, ExpressionEngine in fourth, and Joomla! in 5th place.

So, as you study the more popular sites with the highest traffic rankings; WordPress is always the leader among the various tiers (1M, 100k, 10k), while Drupal, vBulletin, and ExpressionEngine grow in popularity while Joomla! drops in popularity.

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